About us

The Woodville West Torrens Football Club is excited to introduce to all its members and supporters a new innovative pathway to assist with raising essential funds. This fundraising program has been developed by Global Online Shopping which has created an online shopping platform which will provide huge benefits to all our club members, sponsors, local shops and the local Community.

The Woodville West Torrens Football Club recognises that to remain competitive in today’s market the traditional ways of fundraising continually require updating.

We are all aware of the increased difficulties in continually securing sponsorships and donations. Through our association with Global Online Shopping we can provide our members, supporters and families and friends with savings at hundreds of online shops, local shops and a saving of 5% on groceries, petrol and beer and wine.

Eagles Rewards provides our members with access to hundreds of online shops which provides easy and convenient access to shops that you would normally shop at. By shopping through the rewards program 2% of your purchase will support The Woodville West Torrens Football Club.

Gold members who subscribe to a monthly membership fee of $15 per month receive additional benefits. The Woodville West Torrens Football Club receives $4.00 per month from each monthly membership payment.

Please support The Woodville West Torrens Football Club and do what you do on a daily basis with a percentage of each purchase Supporting the Football Club

You Shop, You Save, You Support

We are pleased to be working with Global Online Shopping with this fundraising proposal and look forward to the success of the rewards program.